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About LifeHands Integrative Health Care

Quantum Mechanics is a physical science dealing with the behavior of matter and waves on the scale of atoms and particles. It works on the level that  cannot be seen yet is the basis for all things.  All things are energy.

What is Integrative Health Care?

Learning  healing techniques that you can apply and integrate into your everyday lives. In doing that you are controlling your health and well being.

From Dr Andrew Weil's website, he defines Integrative Medicine as:

"Healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative."

LifeHands Integrative Health Care offers alternative healing modalities to anyone requesting the services. Using BioHarmonic health care techniques such as

Jan Marie helps you manage stress, pain, self sabotaging patterns and behaviors and health issues. By bringing balance and clarity into your consciousness you are able to take your health and your life into your own hands. Together she works with you to enhance your healing experience.

Reaching further, LifeHands extends sessions to animals of all sizes and types. Animals naturally respond to this type of session.

LifeHands develops a professional, relaxed environment that promotes a safe place to exchange thoughts and feelings. An environment for healing body, mind, emotions and spirit.     

All sessions are unique to the individual need at that point in time and are completely confidential. The clients are treated with the highest respect. When a client walks in, they are greeted with professionalism, timely appointments, and a comfortable atmosphere that sets the foundation for their journey of balance and healing.

Jan Marie’s  goal is to not only facilitate healing but to reach out into the community and teach about holistic ways of thinking and living. Her focus is to work with integrity and positive intention for LifeHands, clients and herself.  

As an ordained minister, Jan Marie also performs wedding ceremonies, and home and office clearings and blessings. Back to Top

BIO for Jan Marie Mayo

Fast forward...After moving to Seattle Washington for 14 years, Jan Marie obtained her BS in Business Management and found Starbucks!!  Spending as much time as possible biking, playing and watching softball, going to the Pike Place Market and fishing in both fresh and salt water she grew to love the smell of rich dirt , dirt that would grow anything with very little work just lots of love, salt air and yep..fresh fish. This is also where she learned about acupressure bands for sea sickness.  Yes, they really do work.

Next came Phoenix Arizona. This is the place where Jan Marie allowed her true self to come out. Since coming to AZ Jan has studied water color painting, spent a month alone in Kauai Hawaii in a one person tent, jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, became a certified Herbalist, Reiki Master, certified Bach Flower Essence Counselor, certified Holodynamics Consultant,
studied Golden Light Meditation owned and operated a botanical medicine store
for several years. Somewhere in there she fell in love with essential oils. She now owns and operates
LifeHands Integrative Health Care where she combines her many years of learning and experiences into compassionate healing sessions for her clients.

Jan Marie not only continues her learning and growth she also teaches comprehensive classes in Reiki I, II, III, and Master levels and Chakra Cleansing and Balancing.

She has taught classes at local community colleges and has guest lectured at local hospitals community colleges and Arizona State University.

When asked about living in Arizona after Seattle Washington, Jan Marie smiles when she says, “Yes, Arizona is hot and it’s a dry heat but it’s all worth it because after moving here I’ve finally embraced who I am and I’m loving it. There’s something very magical and healing about this Sonoran Desert”

In the beginning...Born in Albuquerque New Mexico, from the start of her life Jan Marie was exposed to alternative healing methods. The combination of  Native American, Mexican and Spanish cultures led to many opportunities to have first hand learning experiences with diverse beliefs and philosophies. That coupled with the fact that her maternal grand parents along with her mother lived among the Navajo Indians for a time. Her grandmother and mother would often speak of the Navajo ways with the highest honor and respect. Jan Marie never knew that she shouldn’t  believe that there were alternative and holistic ways of healing.  At a very young age she was attending Native American ceremonies on the reservations.

When Jan was a young mother herself,  her Grandmother helped her cure her daughters puppy of Distemper. Treating each symptom with such things as scorched flour the only sign that the dog ever had Distemper were her teeth. They had certain markings that would tell the Veterinarian she had been very sick. Jan Marie  enjoys working not only on humans but animals as well.

Jan Marie’s first job was working in a local hospital in the Coronary Care, Intensive Care and Special Acute Care areas. She worked her way up to being responsible for opening and running the Cath Lab at the sister hospital. After 5 years of watching people die that , for all practical reasons, should have lived and those live that the doctors had practically pronounced dead she began to understand there was more to health and wellness than just drugs and hospitals.  After leaving the hospital because she couldn’t handle watching what happened to patients with all of the drug interactions she moved to Seattle Washington. Back to  top of  Bio.  Back to top
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