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Chronic pain, illness, stress, depression, or  low energy...anything sound familiar?  Treat yourself to a soothing and energizing Reiki session. The ancient art of Reiki is not a massage however after the session  you’ll feel like you’ve just spent the day at a healing spa.

Reiki is an ancient healing modality based on the premise that our bodies are energy. Working with Reiki, the client is filled with positive energy called such things as Life Force Energy, Chi, or Mana. Jan Marie Mayo administers this energy by the gentle ‘laying of  hands’.

Although Reiki is considered an alternative type of health care, many hospitals are integrating Reiki in their healing spas as well as in surgery rooms. 

During the session Jan Marie’s hands will become very warm. This is caused by the energy moving through them into the client.  Often the client becomes so relaxed they fall asleep.

Many ask what they need to do in preparation of the session. The only thing you need to do is come ready to have an incredible experience. Once there, all you need to do is take off all jewelry and your shoes, lay on the table shut your eyes and allow the life force energy to flow in and through your body.  Jan Marie does the rest.


It’s not just for bald gurus wearing bed sheets and chanting. Are you ready to finally release the stress that is causing all of that mental chatter, sleepless nights, and stomach disorders to mention only a few things? Learn to meditate. 

The purpose of Meditation is to quiet the mind. When the mind is peaceful, we are free from worries and mental discomfort and are open to healing.

It is a form of stress management. During meditation stress is released. Releasing stress also releases pain, negative sleep patterns, depression, along with numerous other stress related  maladies.

Jan Marie creates a calming environment for you. After some conversation so Jan Marie can determine your current needs, she takes you on a peaceful guided meditation. No two meditations are exactly the same as they’re focused on you and your life at that specific time.

You  learn techniques that you can integrate into your everyday life.


Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Ever feel like: you are disconnected from the day? You can’t remember what you were going to do or say? Your emotions feel out of control? Now just imagine feeling completely balanced where everything in your life flows freely and easily. You are in a perfect state of well being.

The human body is comprised of many energy centers known as Chakras. These Chakras are points that directly affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. The 7 primary energy centers know as the 7 Major Chakras.

Because they are energy centers they are volatile to becoming out of balance and or..for the lack of another phrase...dirty or clogged. When this occurs we start feeling out of sorts. It can be in the form of a physical dis-ease, emotional crisis such as depression or anger, mental disorders, or a feeling of not being connected to our fullest potential selves.

Jan Marie does a gentle but very potent session which brings you back into a state of harmony and balance. Very often clients comment they feel lighter and taller after their session.


How would you like to: Transform your life, positively affect your relationships, work, love life, and even the global environment? Eliminate life long self sabotaging actions and replace them with actions that bring wealth, love, a great job or even a new home into your life? Sound too good to be true? Well, it is possible and it’s all about Quantum Physics. Together we’ll transform the holodynes holding you back from being all that you are.

Holodynamics is the result of work done by Dr Vernon Woolf who is a quantum physicist, psychologist and philosopher. It is the study of the whole dynamic of life and includes every aspect of understanding life –including tools to transform your life, positively affect your relationships, work, love life, and even the global environment.

In the work Dr Woolf has done he discovered that everyone has thought forms or holographic images separate from your own consciousness. He believes they reside in the water molecules within the microtubules of your cells, and they drive every single decision or behavior you have, including all of your bodily functions.

Holodynes consist of all your memories, your ancestors’ memories and experiences in a holographic form. They are your software programs that drive your feelings and actions every moment of your life. They are thoughts as well as beliefs. They are, however, not reality but merely your individual version of reality. They are extremely powerful and Jan Marie guides you through the process of changing them.

Herbal Remedies

Contrary to belief, not all herbal remedies taste bad!! Many actually taste very good and are just as good for you. If they do taste bad, take it in a pill form. Essential oils are a delightful way to smell good and receive the medicinal benefits of herbs. How about relaxing with a cup of tea?

For centuries herbs/plants have been used for their medicinal, aromatic, and savory characteristics. Long before modern medicine the healers of the villages and communities used all parts of the plant as their medicine for use as therapeutic or medicinal reasons. This is called Botanical Medicine or Herbalism.

Even in today's modern medicine, approximately 25% of the drugs in the United States are derived from herbs and contain herbal or synthesized herbal constituents. Scientists know the plant kingdom holds powerful healing elements.

What is the benefit to taking the whole herb vs. a drug from the pharmacy? The drug from the pharmacy contains very specific constituents from the plant. They do not contain all of the constituents of the plant.  When taking the herb you are receiving the whole plant. Many times the complete plant works synergistically with all of it’s constituents and you receive a deeper and more complete result with much fewer complications.  The plant takes care of you as it was intended to do.

Herbal Medicine can be taken in different forms. There are extracts, pills, tea, and essential oils. Many times a poultice is applied or even plants are diffused into a bath. Jan Marie can help you chose the most beneficial herbs and applications.


Want to try something that is gentle enough for small children and animals but potent enough for even the biggest and strongest man? Flower Essences are a form of Homeopathy. They work on the subtle energies of the body. Only a few drops daily can change your emotions, mental attitude, physical challenges and your overall feeling of life. Are you ready to start on your own  personalized blend of Flower Essences.

Over 200 years ago Samuel Hahnemann described a principle as "Let like cure like. “ It is a principle that states what causes a symptom in large quantities will eliminate the symptom in infinitesimal quantities. Hahnemann developed the principle into a system of medicine called Homeopathy.

Flower Essences are a form of Homeopathy. The essences are derived from very specific flowers. Based on the theory of Homeopathy, these flowers carry individual vibrations. When taken in a homeopathic dose the vibration the essence carries brings the same vibration in the user back into balance hence eliminating the symptom.

When do you take a Flower Essence? Anytime you have an emotional, mental, or physical issue. Homeopathy does not interfere with any other drug you might be taking.

How do I take a Flower Essence? It is a liquid and you take 4 drops 4 times per day. If you take more it will do nothing more than if you took the suggested dosage. Because it’s vibrational medicine, more is not better, more often is better.  They work best over a period of time. You can either take the drops directly from the bottle or add the drops to your drink, food, or actually apply topically if unable to swallow.

After a conversation with you, Jan Marie will develop a personalized bottle of Flower Essences that will be unique to your needs.


Classes Offered by LifeHands

Below is a list of classes currently being offered through LifeHands by Jan Marie Mayo. They are designed for any student of Integrative Medicine and all of those interested in Ancient Healing methods. They are developed with the student in mind. She makes the journey into holistic healing a joyful one. Believing the students learn by doing, she introduces them to many hands on experiences. Certificates of accomplishment are given after each class is completed.




Reiki is the Universal Healing Energy that is channeled through the individual who has had an attunement.  These classes provide the concepts, history, and hands on experience of Reiki and also the attunements. Meditation and the Chakra System are also introduced to the students during the classes.

Reiki I, II, III are done in a class room environment. They are all approximately 8 hours in length . Class size is very limited to ensure each student receives optimal training and understanding of Reiki. Master level is done on a 1:1 basis. Comprehensive training materials are given to each student.

At the end of the class the student is given a certificate of completion.

Reiki I -

  • In depth introduction of Traditional Reiki
  • Study of Chakras
  • Activation of Chakras known as Attunement
  • Demonstration of hand positions for self, animals and plants
  • Open discussion
  • Hands on experience using Reiki

Reiki II

  • Learning the Reiki symbols and their meanings
  • Advancing the vibration of the Chakras with the Second Level Attunement
  • Hands on experience using Distance Healing Techniques
  • Open discussion


Reiki III

  • Learning how to teach Reiki
  • Creating and holding a safe space for the students
  • Experience in leading the students in meditations
  • Instructions on how to give Level I attunement
  • Further advancement of Chakra activation with Third Level Attunement
  • Open discussion


Master Level

When the student is ready for the Master Level it is done in a 1:1 basis. This is a very personal experience and there are no definitive lesson plans. Each student is different and their lessons are as different.

  • Instructions on how to give Level II, III and Master Attunements
  • Through the Master Level Attunement, they are given the Master Symbol.
  • Open discussion about any of the levels, concerns and the business of Reiki
Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Chakra Balancing and Cleansing is critical to ones well being. The human body is comprised of many energy centers known as Chakras. These Chakras are points that directly effect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. There are 7 primary energy centers known as the 7 major Chakras. This class teaches the student how to recognize, cleanse and balance the 7 Chakras.

Class time is approximately 8 hours. In a classroom environment, students will learn to work on themselves as well as others. Students are given comprehensive training materials.

Class includes the following:

  • Extensive study of the 7 Major Chakra Systems
  • Meditation to determine health of personal Chakras
  • Techniques to clear and heal Chakras

For more information email Jan Marie at


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