The Quantum Approach to Health

After the recent passing of my father, I was feeling anxious and unfocused. I had never experienced Reiki or energy work before, but a friend referred me to Jan.

 The first session with Jan was more than I could have imagined. My body and mind felt reconnected again. The session also helped me to release grief that I could not (or would not) let go of in my normal day-to-day routine.

 In my second session, Jan’s work brought me a further sense of peace. The meditative state that I was in allowed me to realize that my father was happy and at his own peace. Afterwards I felt calmer than I had in months.

 I continue to schedule sessions with Jan for her wide-range of services and expertise. She always asks what is going on with me and what do I need, so that her techniques can be tailored to truly help me.

I am grateful to Jan Marie and wish everyone could experience the benefits of her LifeHands. - Amy A Phoenix AZ

In June, 2006, I had the life changing experience of being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a little known blood cancer.  When my oncologist began treatment with a drug protocol that had been released from clinical trials only two months before, he was surprised at how rapidly my body responded and my blood counts began to move toward the normal range. 

But, not only was I following the latest in traditional medicine, I was also responding to the Reiki treatments and meditative therapies I was learning from Jan Marie Mayo.  I had never been patient enough to accept the benefits of meditation so Jan Marie began to patiently tutor me along my path of learning and self healing. 

I remember my first 3 hour session in the MRI tube.  By using my mind to take me on a visit to my favorite beach for a couple of hours, I was able to relax and let the trained technicians do their job.   That day is so vivid in my otherwise blurred memory of that summer.  I saw how important it is to treat both the body and the mind.  I saw how easy it is to integrate the centuries old teachings of metaphysical healing with the latest technology and pharmaceutical therapies available

My visits with Jan Marie continue to be a crucial part of my health care program.  I am forever grateful. Barbara B. Chandler Arizona

Jan Marie is one of the most powerful Reiki Masters I've ever had the pleasure to work with.  Not only is she a great teacher of Reiki, her energy sessions are extraordinarily powerful.  During sessions with Jan I've felt transported to a new level of awareness and I always leave feeling refreshed and renewed.  She has a gentle way of making even the most timid of clients feel comfortable

Several years ago I had the privilege of taking an Herb Class from Jan and I still benefit from the things I learned in those classes and have many of my family and friends who took the class.  I highly recommend Jan for all of the services she offers. Deborah S. Eureka Springs AR

In exploring my need to expand my awareness of alternative healing arts, my path lead me to discover the talents, knowledge and spirit of Jan Marie Mayo --- my life has never been the same - a journey that continues today, tomorrow and into the future . . . . Joseph Paul, Ph.D. Kauai HI

"Jan's Reiki sessions are one of the most relaxing things you can ever do.  I have gone in completely stressed out and frazzled and by the time I left, I'm more grounded and feel like a new person.  Her ability to read your body and your energy is amazing, and always right on!  During a recent session, she saw me with my mother (who lives in HI) and who I just recently connected with after 20+ years, and the next week my mother told me she was going to fly me out there.  She's intuitive and insightful and I love her sessions!"
Abby, Chandler AZ
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